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Pets are an Important Part of our life. We, all the pet parents, pamper our pets like our children. Though it is not that easy to travel with pets. That’s a joy to share our journey with our little mates. So here we are with the best useful tips That will help you when traveling with pets.

When you are taking your little loved one with you while traveling, then a train is the best hassle-free option to go around.

‘Can we take our pets with us while traveling by train?’ This is a popular question among many pet parents. The answer is Yes, Pets are allowed to travel on the train in India. Or I can say you can travel anywhere with your pet on the Indian Rail. This will be hassle-free and relaxing for you and your mate.

Useful Tips When Traveling With pets on Trains:

I, Shreya Datta, am a pet parent for a very long time. So I know every kind of problem taking your pet with you on a journey. Being a pet parent, I also face this kind of problem, but every problem has a solution. In this article, I will try to make your trip a little easier. So, let’s start!
Here are some helpful tips that you can try to make the journey more enjoyable for your pet.

Booking Suggestions:

When you are taking your pet with you on the train, you must book an AC First Class coupe because pets are not allowed in other compartments on a train. You also need to reserve the full compartment to make your pet more comfortable.
Your pets also can be transported via Luggage and Brake Van. In this case, you need to inform the chief reservation officer of the Parcel Office and with their allowance, your pet will be transported safely by paying some charges.

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If you are carrying your pet in a box, then the luggage rate will be charged, for example, 50 kg per dog.


Vaccination is an important step before taking your pet with you on public transport. Make sure to vaccinate your pet according to the schedule before your trip. Bring a copy of the latest vaccination certificate with you.

Food and Water:

Rail authorities don’t provide Food and water for pets. So that’s the pet parent’s duty to arrange all the necessary pet foods and water for them. So make sure to carry all this while traveling.

Essential things to carry:

We all know our pets are just like our children, so when your pet is your trip partner, take all these essential things with you, like disposable bags, soap, sanitizer, roam fresher, antiseptic solutions, wet wipers for cleaning purposes, and all necessary medicines for your pet, etc.

Here are some extra Tips you can try to comfort your Pet:

Play with your pet
Play with your pet

Play with them:

When you are taking a pet on a trip, you need to make sure of their comfort. Because this is a completely new place for them. To avoid stress, you can bring your pet’s favorite toy with you or you can play with your furry buddy. But make sure that they don’t enter into other compartments. In this way, you and your little mate will become relaxed for some time.

Take them for a walk:

Check the map details from Google and know all the stations with longer stops. In these stations, you can take your pet for a walk. That will reduce the stress of a long journey and change their mood.

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Wrapping Up:

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember all these do’s and don’ts while traveling.

Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

Thank You so much for reading. Happy Journey. Have a good day.

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