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How Much Does a GPS Tracker Cost? –

GPS tracking devices are used for everything from business fleet tracking to monitoring teen drivers for safety so it is easy to see the value in the location-based technology. But how much does a car tracker cost? The short answer is between $19.00 – $299.00, and the device costs vary depending on the car locator and the subscription fee. If you are thinking about investing in a vehicle GPS tracker, this article goes over everything you need to know about GPS tracking prices from hardware costs to activation fees!

Editor’s Choice Best Overall GPS Tracker By Value


The Plug and Play OBD port tracker received our top ranking for the best value for three reasons. First of all, plug and play real-time GPS updates as quickly as every 3 seconds, which is significantly faster than popular brands such as Americaloc GL300 and Tracki. Second, the tracking system does not require any monthly subscription fees for the first year, unlike the Vyncs GPS tracker or LandAirSea Sync GPS tracker. The final reason is the cost of the GPS is a great value when you add in the full year of service, investment in the GPS locator, and free technical support for the life of the GPS device.

Cost For Portable GPS Trackers

If you are looking for magnetic GPS trackers that can be hidden on an automobile, here are some of the most popular GPS tracking systems sold on Amazon and online spy shops.

If you want to keep the fleet tracking cost to a minimum, we recommend investing in a vehicle tracking device that has a year of service included in the cost of the hardware.

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Plug & Play OBD Tracking Prices

For those seeking a GPS vehicle tracker designed as a fleet management system, we recommend learning more about OBD2 port systems. These tracking solutions can provide information such as vehicle maintenance data, fuel consumption, and real-time tracking. Here are some of the top-rated GPS fleet tracking systems and the cost of GPS tracking.

There are different types of GPS tracking for vehicles but overall you will save more money when investing in a car GPS tracker that comes with a data plan for one or two years. If you only need a GPS tracker for the car to catch a cheating partner, then investing a little more in the hardware and choosing a device with a month-to-month data plan would be the better choice. In that case, we would recommend the SpaceHawk LTE GPS.

How Much Does A GPS Tracker Cost Per Month?

Monthly data subscription fees for real-time GPS trackers range from $8.95 to $44.95 per month for each GPS device. Monthly service obligations vary based on the frequency and speed of updates a user chooses. For example, if you want real-time location updates every 30 minutes you are going to spend far less than a person who wants live GPS tracking updates every 3 seconds. If you want to reduce the monthly subscription investment you have only two choices 1) agree to a one or two-year contract with the GPS provider so data is purchased in bulk, or 2) choose a data plan where updates are slower like 3-5 minutes per ping.

6 Factors That Can Impact The Cost of a GPS Tracking Device

Whether it is a hidden magnetic tracker for vehicles or fleet management software, there are multiple factors that can impact the cost of a GPS tracker. Below we will outline all the factors from using a hardwired GPS that requires professional installations to a simple mini GPS that can be hidden on a vehicle.

1. Monthly Costs + Service Agreements

Paying month-to-month for real-time GPS is totally fine, but if you pay for a year of service (or more) up-front, the less you end up paying in the long run. The reality is the costs of installation, GPS hardware, and monthly data plans can cost upwards of $400.00. This also does not factor in every additional feature added to the GPS system and service that can increase costs. Therefore, it can serve most companies best to sign a service agreement for 1-2 years to track fleet vehicles.

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2. Type Of GPS Vehicle Tracker You Purchase

Plug and Play GPS trackers are a favourite among businesses because of the simplicity of fleet tracking devices. On the other hand, hardwired GPS trackers can be used for starter disable or real tie location tracking without drivers ever knowing they are being tracked. Finally, a GPS app downloaded to an employee’s phone can be used to monitor driving activity.

3. The Number Of Tracking Devices You Buy

The cost of GPS service plans can often vary by the number of GPS tracking systems purchased. GPS tracking companies frequently offer discounts on hardware and data plans package if you invest in multiple GPS units.

4. GPS Tracking Provider + Manufacturer

The business you choose to work with as your GPS service provider can have a huge impact on the amount of money you end up paying for hardware and data plan obligations. For example, there are companies such as Family1st that provide cheap devices but the technical support is terrible. Whereas, companies such as Tracking System Direct offer both quality tracking products and sales support. That means you should consider not only real-time GPS costs, but also reviews, warranty plans, and sales +techncial support.

5. Hidden Subscription Fees

Some GPS vehicle tracking devices might appear affordable on the surface but have many hidden charges for things such as activation, deactivation, contract cancellation, extended warranty fee, and more. This can result in tracking systems costing far more than their sticker prices on Amazon.

6. Cellular Coverage Of Your GPS Device

Another factor that impacts the cost of GPS service is coverage. Most GPS tracking companies only offer coverage in the USA. Therefore, if you want a vehicle tracking device that works on a global scale, the cost of data can increase drastically. This can especially be true for companies that do business in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Cheapest Way To GPS Track A Car

If you need a GPS vehicle tracker for senior safety, fleet management, teen driving safety or to secretly track any vehicle, the cheapest way to do it depends on the length of time you will be using the real-time GPS. If you want to find a vehicle location a few times over a month to catch a cheating partner we recommend SpaceHawk and paying the monthly fee then cancelling service after a month. If the goal is to use a car GPS long-term and you want to keep the fleet tracking cost down, we recommend an OBD2 port solution such as the plug-and-play GPS.  #GPS #Tracker #Cost

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